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Enertect Batteries is committed to delivering sustainable value and positive impact to build a more sustainable future in line with the United Nations' (UN’) Sustainable Development Goals. We want to make a difference in gender equality, job opportunities, economic growth, and use technology to reduce our impact on the environment.


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Our innovation-led approach to product development has geared us towards transformation and positive impact. Making use of emerging technology and building with speed and agility allowing us to meet business needs, now and in the future.


The Power Transition challenge is an opportunity for Enertect Batteries to do what we do best: solve problems. The long-term effects of moving to a lower carbon-based energy economy are difficult to predict, but we are actively preparing for the transition through emissions reduction across our value chain. We embrace the challenge of giving our clients the solutions they need to continue to power the world with minimal impact on the environment.

Enertect batteries has been a gamechanger with its need specific solutions that go beyond meeting the consumers needs. Our misson is to design efficient, cost-friendly, sustainable solutions that are eco- friendly.


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